The Color Intelligence trend book is the sociological reference & creative that, using exclusive photographs and color ranges, decodes transversely the new aesthetic. Sociological insights, portraits of emerging talents, 50 colors on threads and fabrics, dozens of harmonies put the color in perspective of an analysis of the air of time…

The season's theme is "PEACE"

A more serene dialogue with the world, the body and the soul. It reconciles our lives in the city with our lives in the country, and it blurs the boundaries between what's real and what's virtual.

Some exceptionally talented individuals have contributed to this "Collector" publication:

  • Michelin-starred chef Mory Sacko agreed to take on our color ranges and themes. He used our ideas as inspiration for an original dish that brings together Japanese and Malian influences!

  • Nicola Lo Calzo is a photographer engaged in research on the memories of the slave trade and slavery and on its resistance and abolition. He shot our theme as a celebration of respect for faraway cultures.

  • Ali Rakib, founder of Forweavers and a champion for the protection of intangible goods, sourced ethical and responsible materials for us.

  • Paul Mouginot @aurecevettier played a role in helping us use AI to develop exclusive prints.