This annual publication explains new consumer behavior, attitudes, values and lifestyles. The forward reaching vision covers design, interior design, architecture, retail, electronics, fitness, gastronomy, beauty, travel and other sectors, and offers portraits of emerging talents. “Life & Style” sends you into the future with cross-disciplinary, inspirational ideas!

A season under the theme of (Re)balance

Faced with a general feeling of dissonance that constantly challenges the involvement of brands in building a better world, the quest for trust transforms into a quest for a new relational balance.

The principle is essential to restoring prosperity: Humanity is the fundamental value.

In this shift in configuration, the (re)construction of a durable bond requires new perspectives of elasticity : (re)alliance between simplicity and exception, between consumption and morality, between functionality and emotion, between technology and the elements, between order and chaos... to the point of shattering the old lukewarm conception of consensus.

Rebuild a lasting bond by returning resonance to the values of the brand and the consumer.
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