The Living Expression trend book depicts all the inspirations of the art of living and the decoration of the interiors & exteriors of tomorrow declined by season through 4 themes (colors, prints, materials, shapes, finishes). It includes the colorial ambiances of the season and flagship products (furniture, textiles, tableware, lighting, accessories, gifts ..), Material & Print capsules, a Retail focus, but also a selection of talents to follow.

A season under the theme of Friction 

After a summer of radiant regeneration, we can now look forward to a winter season revitalized under high tension. The desire to change the world will heat things up, agitate consensus and challenge the status quo. Explosive? Yes! It’s true, the atmosphere will be explosive and sensitivities exacerbated. But confrontation, dissonance, and clashes of opinion will open new and inspiring horizons and give rise to a clearer, bolder way of getting to the heart of the matter.

The Living Expressions trend book establishes a dialogue with thiselectrifying context through four strong universes. Their well-defined characters express the current desire to make interiors the unfiltered, uncompromising reflection of our personalities.