Now that the (Re)Think Commerce study has been published, NellyRodi visits the top creative capitals and launches its New-York Retail Guide.

New York was the city most devastated by the 2020 Retail Apocalypse. But the Big Apple is back on track in 2021 with a multitude of concept stores that are thriving in chic neighborhoods like Soho, the Lower East Side, Hudson Yard and many others, where creativity blends with elegance.

These key retail spaces are an inspiration source for product offers, merchandising and technology. Our Guide gives you a select list edited by NellyRodi’s American teams.

Discover the innovative retail destinations in a city that’s inspiring, energetic and creative:

  • Concept stores with truly original atmospheres created by established and emerging designers in the fashion, luxury, design and food sectors.

  • Spaces – both under the radar and influential – with exceptional visual merchandising and a variety of innovations that reinvents the customer experience. You’ll get prime information about setting up cool-laborations or just being inspired by the New-York lifestyle.