The Print & patterns edition that includes more than 150 orignal designs, is a box for decorations and color harmonies applicable to all sectors (fashion, home, lingerie, beachwear, packaging, etc.) and all techniques (printing, lace, embroidery, packaging, etc…).

A season under the theme of Friction

After a summer of bright, intense and radiant regeneration, we can now envisage a winter electrified and revitalized by powerful energy. The desire to change the world and see the emergence of innovative solutions is going to heat things up, agitate consensus and challenge the status quo. The 2020s decade will inspire profound revolutions in the way we think, produce and address the new generations. Doublespeak will no longer be possible and the need for genuine debate, confronting ideas head on, will be on the agenda. Explosive? Yes! It’s true, the atmosphere will be explosive and sensitivities exacerbated; stirred even more by the arrival in the spotlight of opinion leaders who are unafraid of defending their resolute visions.
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