On & Off line business post covid-19

After a year 2020 disrupted by the health crisis, what are the new emerging consumer values and how do they redistribute the rules of the game of on & off line commerce?

In this study, Nelly Rodi identifies the 3 key business drivers to be activated to challenge the future of On & Off line Retail.

◾️ Understanding consumers & decrypting the new challenges of commerce:

In the context of crises, what are the changes in consumer behavior?

Dive into winning solutions

◾️ Develop sustainable strategies:

With performance & desirability, what business drivers for the brands?

Activate the On & Off line keys

◾️ Reinvent the customer journey:

From complementarity to circularity, how to improve your CRM strategy?

Discover the innovations that reinvent the customer experience


Let’s interpret the present together to better shape the future!
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