2023, a year under the sign of hybridization: The advent of new postures in commerce

What are the new emerging consumption values and how to identify the key business levers to be activated to challenge the future of On & Off line Commerce?

In this study, Nelly Rodi faces new geopolitical, economic, identity and environmental issues, highlighting the 10 Megatrends that will redefine the era in which we will live in 2023.

You will discover a societal and sectoral deciphering of this sector in full transformation through a new omnichannelity.

Faced with the challenges of contemporary trade, we will provide you business answers through the prism of 4 postures:

● Anchoring (living consciously) → Human connections, Ultra local, Virtuous models, Education time

● Affirmation (actively living) → Support, Pop'litique, Social Curation

● Acceleration (living digitally) → Game'in, Disruptive models, Meta Store

● Amplification (living mightily) → Super exclusive, Ultra Servicial, Extr'architecture, Resonate