• What are the new relationships to habitat?

  • What are the consumption drivers that are challenging the Home industry?

  • How can we provide a unique and effective response to these new expectations?

NellyRodi offers you a unique analysis of changes in the Home World, through the prism of consumer attitudes and uses.

In a tense context, consumer behavior and expectations are undergoing profound changes. Everyone wants to "live better", and this quest for rebalancing can then take different forms: the search for optimal solutions, the desire to act for a positive impact, the need for a human reconnection or the desire to express yourself and create.

So many new challenges for the Home industry!

We will provide prospective answers, putting the usage at the heart of the positioning strategy.

We will detail 4 major trends: Agile Home, Virtuous Home, Refuge Home and Inspiring Home.

The study is organized in three parts:

  • The societal context: understanding the evolutions that redefine the relationship to habitat.

  • The sector’s challenges: encrypt the new consumer codes.

  • The 4 Houses of Tomorrow: define the possible answers and the resulting business opportunities with precise and sourced examples.