"One is not born a man, one becomes a man."


In an era heavily influenced by questions about gender and the power of the #Metoo movement, brands have to deal with profound transformations in how masculinity is represented. Whether you advocate a return to a traditional, dominate form of masculinity or you celebrate diverse masculine identities, men are, more than ever, at the center of brands' decisions about conversation and strategy as well as business.

Faced with these upheavals, what's the best way to talk not just about men but also to men, both right now and in the future?

In this exclusive forecasting study, NellyRodi helps you understand how masculine codes around the world are evolving. By analyzing the phenomenon through strategic cultural zones (China, USA, Europe), the study helps you set up winning strategies. 

◾️ Become an expert on the new challenges of multiple masculine identities.

Why are we talking so much about gender?

→ Learn about the new key social markers that are tied to these changes and should be part of your strategies.

◾️ Interpret the masculinities on the horizon (China, USA, Europe). 

What inspirational values will direct consumer behavior in the future?

→ Understand consumers' expectations, lifestyles and cultural codes so you can address them in a meaningful way.

◾️ Develop long-term strategies. 

Which business levers using performance and desirability should brands activate?

→ Innovate wisely in sync with your targets to carefully redesign the customer experience (online and offline).


Together, let’s interpret the present to better shape the future! 

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