Safety & fluidity in the travel experience, positive impact and new mobilities, need to personalize the trip for more asperities and singularities….

What are the new travel parameters and who are the travelers of tomorrow ?

Which consumer drivers are challenging the travel industry in this COVID19 era ?

How to provide a desirable and effective response to the prism of new expectations and prerequisites ?

NellyRodi offers you a prospective analysis of the travel sector and proposes 4 travelers profiles ( Business & Leisure) in its new study (Re)Think Travel

The three parts of this study are :

  • The societal context : understand the evolutions and frictions that redefine the relationship to travel

  • The new aspirations of travelers : deciphering the new consumption codes and the 5 megatrends

  • The 4 prospective traveler profiles :  identify the typologies of travelers (Business or Leisure) and define business opportunities across the entire experience : before, during, after.

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