While the COVID 19 pandemic continues to have a strong impact on the world around us, imposing new relationships to time and priorities, new consumer values are constantly emerging or expanding.

It is important to understand this complex period of change and these paradigm shifts in order to anticipate the expectations of consumer-citizens and build desirable and effective operational strategies.

In this study "The Next MegaTrends: 2021 and Beyond", NellyRodi provides numerous answers and insights to the questions that decision-makers and entrepreneurs, communicators and creatives are asking about the major inspirational values that will structure consumption in 2021 and beyond.

  • What is the state of the contemporary social context?

  • What are the major structuring issues that should challenge you at this time?

  • What will be the inspirational values governing tomorrow's consumer behavior?

  • What business levers should be activated to respond to them?

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