« WOMEN’S STORIES » is a trend book that allows to “editorialize” collections (storytelling of the capsules and curation of talents to develop collabs”) the development of fair products on which to capitalize (ready to wear and accessories).

The book is organized around 4 themes:
Each is divided into 3 inspirational capsules.
Each capsule is introduced with a “mood” + a color bias and offers its universe according to a volume, a material or a pattern.
A new section with a selection of Talents to inspire collaborations in each theme.

In conclusion, the “key products” which are the transversal “must have” of the season.

A season under the theme of Faith
There will be a before and an after. No matter where we are in the world, the appearance of a global virus suddenly challenges our society model. Beliefs are shaken to the ground. Models are questioned. In the middle of the turmoil however, one certitude has emerged every single one of us wants to keep faith.
Faith in our capacity for solidarity and resilience. Faith in the possibility of a better “tomorrow”. Faith in ourselves, the human race.

So, have faith! And this season will reflect that faith.