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An interview with Vincent Grégoire: “More than ever, decision makers need to anticipate."

Vincent Grégoire discusses the role of sensoriality in an increasingly dematerialized world, the necessity for long-term vision and what’s new in NellyRodi’s “Life & Style” trendbook.

You oversee the creation of NellyRodi's annual "Life & Style" trendbook. Could you briefly tell us about it?

“Life & Style” is the benchmark publication for understanding society and inspiring innovation think tanks in the creative and cultural industries, those that are blending tradition with boldness. Serious fans include brand decision makers, international agencies and anyone who wants to anticipate and understand the evolution of consumption, customers, markets and brand narratives. Professionals working to develop products or services with long development cycles that are increasingly CSR oriented are also very interested in the “Life & Style” trendbook.

Why create a physical object when everything urges us to produce less?

Primarily because it’s a reference tool to be kept, not a gadget or magazine. People consult it, go back to it and take their time with it. It’s a kind of bible, with analyses, references, discoveries of talents and elements to read, see, touch and feel. It’s a premium publication crafted by Parisian artisans with unique expertise in dyeing, printing and manufacturing. Some carry the Living Heritage Company label. The trendbook is an encounter, an emotion! There is, however, an augmented digital version that gives users a different experience.

Why is it important for brands to follow your trends every year, when it might be better for them to slow down?

More than ever, brands and decision makers need to anticipate, understand and analyze to make the best strategic choices for the future. Understanding a brand’s strengths and areas for improvement is fundamental. It’s not just about trends; it’s about deciphering and presenting lifestyles, established or emerging talents, meaningful esthetics and business opportunities. What makes the publication unique is its annual cycle which provides both perspective and intelligence. The tool helps brands and decision makers better understand themselves to know which direction to take.

Are there any other initiatives you're working on to further reduce the impact of trend notebooks?

My team and I are constantly studying and exploring the major, forward reaching topic of CSR through all the proposals in the “Life & Style” tool. We mainly focus on showcasing and promoting future-oriented subjects in the publication. Examples include inspiring and committed talents, innovative and responsible approaches, samples of eco-designed materials or materials from dormant stocks and interviews with key CSR players. We’ve also conducted a life cycle analysis (LCA) of all our trendbooks to precisely understand their environmental impact. This has led us to embark on an eco-design process and rethink their transportation, packaging and recycling.

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