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Pages du cahier de tendances Color Intelligence SS25

Four key ingredients in our trend books


Have you ever wondered how our trendbooks are made? We won’t give you the entire recipe, but here are a few ingredients!

Understanding consumers

Every season our teams of sociologists and ethnologists analyze how consumers’ lifestyles, tastes, and values are evolving. These quantitative and qualitative studies guarantee the pertinence of the themes, stories, semantic choices, and cultural references throughout our trend books.

Detecting emerging trends

We’re very lucky: part of our job is testing all the innovations, meeting the most inspiring designers, attending new exhibits, watching what’s emerging on social media … By bringing together cultural experts of all ages, we’re able to detect the signals from across the world that will form the future.

Making the best tools for you

The Color Intelligence, BeautyLab, Living Expressions, and Women’s Stories trendbooks are all the ultimate tools for creatives. A creative committee defines the season’s esthetic trends, color specialists establish the related palettes, and talented photographers create exclusive images – all for a maximum dose of relevance, inspiration, and creative stimulation.

Creating goodness and beauty

Our trendbooks are designed to be your partner in a creative process that respects the planet and people. The trends presented are in line with brands’ CSR goals; the materials and fabrics are, for the most part, from dead stock or upcycled. The trendbooks themselves are made by Parisian artisans with unique savoir-faire in dyeing, printing, and production; and some carry the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.

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Reconciling creation and responsibility

As a B Corp, NellyRodi is part of a global community of companies that adhere to high social and environmental standards.