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Digital 01.22.21

NellyRodi Announces Its "Change for the Better" Program


Comme beaucoup d’entreprises, au gré de cette crise qui nous interroge sur notre raison d’être, nous avons collectivement décidé d’accélérer nos actions et notre engagement en faveur du développement durable.

In recent years, NellyRodi has been committed to reducing its own environmental impact and advising clients to do the same. Many of today’s consumers have adopted a “good citizen” mindset and their social engagement is driving a new renaissance for the creative industries.

Like many other businesses, we undertook to rethink our core missions further to the Covid-19 crisis, making a collective decision to take our action to a new level and deepen our commitment to sustainability.

Our view is that the future belongs to enlightened businesses concerned about environmental performance and we abide by a code of ethics shaped by our sense of corporate social responsibility. We know that we still have a long way to go and many obstacles to overcome, but are convinced that this approach will open up new creative horizons and greatly benefit not only ourselves but the companies with which we hope to share it.

The NellyRodi “Change for The Better” program has several components. We plan to:

Partner with experts who will provide experience-based advice to staff at NellyRodi and our client companies, facilitating the transition to more virtuous, stimulating business models. This collaboration will be extremely valuable in laying the groundwork for the future, especially in matters pertaining to creativity, which is the key to facing tomorrow’s challenges. Our partners are as follows:

– Adapta and FairlyMade will advise on matters regarding sustainable supply chains,
– Digital for the Planet will help reduce digital’s environmental impact,
– Front de Mode is a collective of fashion brands committed to sustainable fashion,
– Tekyn specializes in new technologies seeking to reduce the size of collections and improve performance,
– Get Real guides brands through their transition to an eco-responsible business model.
Reduce the number of our references and focus only on the most important.
Lower the environmental impact of our reports by using new types of paper and ink and publishing our trend books in a new digital format.
Develop and hold in-house CSR training sessions at NellyRodi for our clients.

It has always been part of our mission to anticipate the future by proposing ways to advance in terms of enlightenment, desirability and performance. Now we are pleased to be moving into a new phase, working hand in hand with you to promote a more sustainable future thanks to NellyRodi’s “Change for The Better“.

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