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Profile of Lucile Le Goallec, Senior Insights Consultant


NellyRodi is launching a series of profiles on its staff members. This conversation with Lucile Le Goallec, a Senior Insights Consultant on NellyRodi’s inspiration team, took place on June 22, 2020.

How about a few words about yourself?

A humanities major, I was fortunate in being able to read widely in philosophy, metaphysics, literature and sociology. I’m fascinated by how writers and thinkers convey ideas, concepts and stories so that they are not only intelligible but come alive.

“Intensely curious about almost everything, a die-hard enthusiast with a mind-set (and style) high in color, I’m as passionate about philosophy as about (pop)culture! I try to understand the substance of today to make tomorrow more meaningful.”

The idea is to find the concrete in the abstract. Dealing with this paradox is what I do every day. Part of “knowing thyself” – the ancient Greek maxim – is to be able to find the right words to express personal convictions, intuitions and emotions. I’m a great believer in the power of the “right word”. If I had to pick my Top Three most important words, they’d be spontaneity, open-mindedness and freedom. This holy trinity is what allows to me be fully myself, both in my private life and professionally, reaching beyond established thought patterns and conventional representations. The hardest thing is to find your personal balance between the social injunction to be happy (confusing self-acceptance with the pretense of self-fulfillment) and the injunction to be self-deprecating (a pretense of humility). It’s important to step back and get perspective on one’s ego. That means taking a good, honest look at one’s self, recognizing vulnerabilities and insecurities as well as qualities and profound strengths. It takes a lot of courage to do that!

“Being real is probably the work of a lifetime. However, I think people are more genuine when they try to understand themselves, others and the world around them without passing judgment or allowing their own biases to deceive them.”

What do you do at NR?

Well… insights specialists are supposed to provide insights. In other words, we reveal what other people are not able to see! The most exciting thing is that we focus on subjects that rock the boat of tacit biases and conventions, such as what really lies behind the buzzword “inclusiveness” or the 2.0 revolution of feminine sexual empowerment.

My partner in crime, Vincent Grégoire, and I have a rule of thumb: the more violently people react to a topic, the less it should be ignored. On the contrary, that topic is begging to be investigated and deciphered, and the findings should be shared. It would appear that the year 2020, marked by upset conditions at many levels – sociological, environmental and in terms of identity – is especially apt for challenging the status quo… and it’s not over yet!! So there’s plenty of work ahead. I’ve particularly enjoyed reflecting about the future of retail in the post-Covid world, whether online or offline, and tackling related issues from a more “macro” perspective in our Decoding & Forecasting debrief on Covid-19, which covers the consumer behaviors and aspirations of tomorrow.

Right now, I’m working on a study on some of my favorite subjects, i.e. creativity, the younger generations and technology.

“My job is to decode weak signals meaningfully and intelligently to inspire our clients and my colleagues at NellyRodi and serve them at the operational level.”

Why did you choose to work for NR ?

Because I knew I’d get the constant intellectual and creative stimulation that I needed! At NellyRodi, I find myself permanently in the forefront of reflection on many topics. For one thing, the house standards governing the production of StudiesEditions and consulting reports are very high. For another, our study areas – e.g.  food, digital tech, fashion, beauty and home lifestyle and decor – are varied yet often intersect. So it’s doubly interesting.

“Above all, I’m inspired by my colleagues. NellyRodi is a gold mine of diversity, talent and unconventional thinking.”

What are you doing right now at NellyRodi ?

I’m hard at work finalizing our “Life&Style 2022” trend forecasting study so it can be printed for release in September. Developing forecasts when society was in crisis is an interesting exercise. The restrictions imposed helped us ask the right questions, challenge ourselves and outdo ourselves in envisaging and presenting each future scenario. In this study, we discuss the worlds (in the plural) of tomorrow and anticipate trends in consumption, human interaction and identity. How’s that for a teaser?

“This year’s edition, “Life&Style 2022″ is very special. It was designed and produced by a dedicated team during the coronavirus lockdown.”

What’s your mood right now?

I’m feeling a positive friction vibe! Out of resistance and resilience comes rebirth! Now more than ever, it’s time to think, engage in meaningful conversation and do what it takes to move forward.

“Many claim that absence of friction is THE answer to everything. On the contrary, it’s up to us to exploit the world’s asperities to bring about change.”

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