The Color Intelligence trend book is the sociological reference & creative that, using exclusive photographs and color ranges, decodes transversely the new aesthetic. Sociological insights, portraits of emerging talents, 50 colors on threads and fabrics, dozens of harmonies put the color in perspective of an analysis of the air of time…

A season under the theme “BOOST”

Like a virtual reset, the public health crisis has helped us reclarify our values.

Freshly fortified in our faith in humanity and the future, we’re ready for a challenge, ready to be disrupted, ready to be pushed into action. In a word, we’re boosted by a new animating force!

Like a sharp and pungent additive, a zesty, vitalized spirit takes hold of our reality and stimulates our senses, challenges our good sense and points us in new and exciting directions.

So, with no hesitation, we crank it up a notch. We take it to our spiritual limits and our mental self-sufficiency (CONCENTRATION). We explore our capacity to reinvent it all to the max (UNREASON). We push the fusion of humanity and nature to its paroxysm (PHANTASMAGORIA). And we step up our hunger for power (RECONQUEST). We will no longer be victims of events.

We’re back on our feet, reenergized, ready to reclaim control of our destiny and reconstruct the world… and ourselves.

Let’s go!