The Life&Style edition is the annual reference publication that deciphers new consumer behaviour, attitudes, values and emerging lifestyles.

For each type of consumer, it presents a forward-looking vision of design, decoration, architecture, art, retail mobility, fashion, gastronomy, beauty, electronics, leisure, as well as portraits of confirmed or emerging talents, and references to shapes, materials, patterns and colours.

The Life&Style 2023 edition is the ideal publication to understand the evolution of society and inspire the innovation, monitoring and strategy units of the creative industries. 

A year under the sign of A-Live!

The “crisis of the impossible” placed everyone at the heart of their ecosystems – ranging from the most local to the most global – and its collective survival will have had the merit of opening up the field of possibilities. From this awareness comes this year’s vital energy. The motivation is there. By assuming their contradictions to renew the dialogue and by bringing interests back to the interconnectivity of all living things, each and every citizen can work for a world that re-places the focus on human beings.