The Living Expression Edition depicts all the inspirations of the art of living and the decoration of the interiors & exteriors of tomorrow declined by season through 4 themes (colors, prints, materials, shapes, finishes).

This trend book includes the colorial ambiances of the season and flagship products (furniture, textiles, tableware, lighting, accessories, gifts ..), Material & Print capsules, a Retail focus, but also a selection of talents to follow.

So that everyone can find themselves at this new meeting point: "THE ELSEWHERE"


After a period of forced immobilism, it’s time to get back into action and set out to explore new territories, new populations, new realities and new tomorrows. Time to start roaming again and give ourselves the permission to go… elsewhere. An elsewhere that may not be clearly defined, and which may only be revealed after a time of wandering, encounters and experimentations. It may even remain purely imaginary.