The Living Expression Edition depicts all the inspirations of the art of living and the decoration of the interiors & exteriors of tomorrow declined by season through 4 themes (colors, prints, materials, shapes, finishes).

This trend book includes the colorial ambiances of the season and flagship products (furniture, textiles, tableware, lighting, accessories, gifts ..), Material & Print capsules, a Retail focus, but also a selection of talents to follow.

The season’s theme is Projection! 

The peace we experienced last summer enabled us to regain strength. This season, it’s time to act. With our feet firmly planted on the ground and our head in the stars. It’s time for firm actions, ambitious plans, and projects brimming with conviction. After a year of caution, restrictions, and safety directives, we now dare look ahead to new visions (to see where we’re going), while remaining faithful to our roots and preserving our primary knowledge (to remind us where we’ve come from)!

It’s time to let go and prepare new projects!