The Living Expression Edition depicts all the inspirations of the art of living and the decoration of the interiors & exteriors of tomorrow declined by season through 4 themes (colors, prints, materials, shapes, finishes).

This trend book includes the colorial ambiances of the season and flagship products (furniture, textiles, tableware, lighting, accessories, gifts ..), Material & Print capsules, a Retail focus, but also a selection of talents to follow.

A season placed under the sign of FANTASM!

Guided by our phantasms, this exploration, hovering between the real and the unreal, dream and reality, yesterday, today and tomorrow, would enable us to… weave ties around fairytales and other traditional legends, whether they be reassuring or disturbing (WONDERLAND); build an unprecedented world where opposites are drawn together, rather than confronting one another, and where harmonious cohabitation is possible (UTOPIA); dream of eternal life, where beneficent science would help eliminate frictions and heal the ills of our times (ETERNITY); or set out to discover parallel worlds, delve into esoteric philosophies and explore the sphere of sultry seduction (SPELL).