« WOMEN’S STORIES » is a new trend book that allows to “editorialize” collections (storytelling of the capsules and curation of talents to develop collabs”) the development of fair products on which to capitalize (ready to wear and accessories).

This Trend book is organized around 4 themes, each introduced by its Consumer & Lifestyle Profile, and closed by a selection of Talents to inspire collaborations.

The themes are divided into 3 inspirational capsules, and each of them is introduced by a "mood" + a color bias and offers its universe according to a volume, a material or a pattern.

In conclusion, the 16 key products & prints "must have" of the season.

A season under the sign of the will to take action "PROJECT"!

This vital, positive momentum will give rise to new and exciting concepts.

We now dare look ahead to new visions (to see where we’re going), while remaining faithful to our roots and preserving our primary knowledge (to remind us where we’ve come from)!

We will explore the boundless possibilities of form revealed between Art Nouveau and crafts 2.0 (TWIST). We will embrace a free and inventive vision to help us radically reassess ways of producing and doing things (FREE MIND). We will propel ourselves into distant, unknown, yet terribly familiar worlds (PLANET B). And we will dare to reconnect with an inventive, ultra-premium form of luxury that merges high-technology with utter sensuality (VIRTUOSO).

It’s time to let go and prepare new projects!