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Chloé Delecolle 11.23.23

Three addresses to discover in Seoul

Big cities are where inspiration and trends are born. It’s where they get their start and gain momentum before spreading beyond the city limits.

That’s why, whenever they can, NellyRodi teams explore cities looking for the latest concepts for cafés, boutiques, restaurants and hotels and searching for artists to follow and for the most cutting-edge brands.

One of our favorite destinations is Seoul, a real hotbed for future trends. Keeping up with the city has become essential for staying a step ahead of retail and immersive, innovative customer experiences.

Here are three addresses in the capital of the Land of the Morning Calm (yes, that’s what the country is called).


Nonfiction is a beauty and lifestyle brand offering a line of fragrance and body care products, all created using plant-based ingredients. The ranges, based on the cycles in a day, are created as simple rituals to help us concentrate on our inner world – the quintessence of South Korean wellbeing.


In Seoul we don’t always take ourselves seriously. The Nudake bakery plays with interpretations of its trademark product – the croissant – and interprets it in edible versions, XXL sculptures and even door handles. It’s all about croissants here, and whether you’re French or simply crazy about baked goods, you’ll appreciate the extreme concept.


DRP has an impressive concept: simple, small, irresistible products (cushions, umbrellas, bags, etc.) with cool graphic prints in a wide choice of colors and very strong branding – all presented in attractive settings that match the collections.

Do you want to take off and discover new creative ecosystems? 

We can help you organize a customized schedule that fits your creative, marketing and innovation challenges. Whether it’s an inspiring half-day for discovering essential information while you’re visitng a city or a complete Learning Expedition for your teams, we’re ready to advise you. 

Discover the cities that vibrate, shine and inspire on an international scale: Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Jeddah, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris and others. 

Contact Marie Dupin ( for more information. 

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