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Alexandre Salem 10.23.23

TikTok Beauty Trends – November 2023


Each month, NellyRodi beauty experts present their selection of the most interesting trends seen on TikTok. Here’s what’s happening in November 2023!

The intimidating power of makeup 

A new trend has emerged on TikTok, showcasing the power of makeup to influence the image we convey to others. The trend is a continuation of nail theory and hair theory, which assert that a hair style or nail color can completely change your appearance and how others see you.

Unapproachable makeup (with 82 million views) showcases the image of a woman with clear confidence and obvious dominance. The esthetic is characterized by intense makeup on the eyes and lips; for example, smudged smoky cat eyes and well-defined, plump lips create a dark, powerful mood. In contrast with the no-makeup makeup look that preaches simplicity, unapproachable makeup or dark feminine makeup (117 million views) fully embraces the chosen identity, even to the point of intimidation.

The trend is a fusion of the traditional femme fatale archetype (still inaccessible but now liberated from the male gaze) and empowerment. It includes esthetic currants such as soft goth (550 thousand views) and soft grunge (17.8 million views), which have their own fans. The idea is to become free from traditional norms by taking responsibility for and celebrating one’s personality.

This evolution was also evident on the SS24 Fashion Week catwalks, for example Dior’s witchy lips and Schiaparelli’s bolder makeup looks – all expressions of women’s power.

Once again, Gen Z shows us it can use its own, more modern vocabulary to appropriate its elders’ models. The presentations, which are very popular on TikTok, let Gen Zers express themselves and experiment with the different facets of their personalities with complete awareness. In doing so, makeup becomes the mask of their liberating avatar.

The search for perfection

Man has always wanted to codify the concept of beauty and perfection, for example with the golden ratio, which defines the proportions of an ideal face. The quest has been taken up by Gen Z using the tools of the time and with a new obsession – hair.

Today new technologies and misleading formulas from experts are being applied to this goal. A few weeks ago, the 2.25 hair length filter went viral with 1.3 million views on TikTok. The claim is that by measuring the distance between your earlobes and chin, you can decide if you’re better off with long or short hair. A number less than 2.25 suggests that short hair is better, and one over 2.25 indicates you have an ideal profile for long hair. It’s a way to find your own golden ratio and be the best version of yourself.

As part of this search for capillary esthetic perfection, a new trend is emerging on social media: plastic surgery for hair. Hair transplant techniques have existed for several years, but now the accent is on redefining the hairline to create a more harmonious face. This new practice is an extension of the skinification of haircare. After the use of serums, products with sunscreen and scalp scrubs, now esthetic surgery – popular with an increasingly younger audience – is moving from face to hair.

The trend shows us once again the influence TikTok and social media have on the new wave of beauty ideals and diktats.

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TikTok, an incubator for the next beauty muses

TikTok recently saw the arrival of new content creator Tube Girl. In just one month she has become an icon on the platform and attracted attention from MAC Cosmetics, who chose her as a muse. For brands, TikTok talents represent an opportunity for visibility, but the problem is identifying them at the right moment.

Tube Girl or Sabrina Bahsoon is a 22-year-old British woman who made her fame by dancing with unselfconscious daring on the subway. Less than a month after the video (12 million views) made her name, Sabrina was noticed by MAC Cosmetics, became a face for the brand and walked for it during London Fashion Week. Now only two months after the video, her TikTok account has attracted 700,000 followers.

There’s considerable opportunity for brands in the accelerated fame of TikTok stars. According to Launchmetrics, 68% of TikTok conversations about brands are initiated by influencers, and some of them can generate up to $600,000 in product sales per video.

Thanks to influencers, TikTok has become a revenue generator for brands. But in our era of perpetual zapping and shortenting trend cycles on TikTok, the challenge is to recognize emerging talents as quickly as possible and develop content in partnership with them to enjoy organic success.

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