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TikTok beauty trends - October 2022

Every month, NellyRodi beauty experts tell you about the most interesting trends on TikTok. Here’s what happened in October 2022!


The PhlurMissingPerson hashtag has garnered around 4.5 million views on TikTok. The backstory: the Phlur brand’s Missing Person fragrance promises to replicate the scent of someone you miss. On TikTok, users describe the strong feelings that arise when they try it out. Within five hours of its launch, 200,000 bottles were sold at $100 each. TikTok users love to watch, and especially share videos.

@rachelrigler Adam’s reaction to Missing Person by @Phlur 💋✨ #perfume #phlur #perfumetok #fragrance ♬ original sound – Rachel Rigler

@haleypham missing person by @Phlur review 😳 #perfumetiktok ♬ original sound – Haley Pham


With esthetics from the 2000s making a comeback, the brownie glazed lips trend is all over TikTok, and the GlazedLips hashtag has hit 2.7 million views. The technique involves outlining lips with a brown crayon and then covering them with clear lip gloss. The promise is even fuller lips without injections.

The lip combo, used by Hailey Bieber, has sparked numerous debates on TikTok. The technique is inspired by black female hip hop and R&B icons, and Bieber has been accused of cultural appropriation. TikTokers love debating, giving their opinions, and choosing sides.

@taontm This combo is perfect for fall!! 🫶🏼 @Fenty Beauty Hot Chocolit gloss & @Charlotte Tilbury foxy brown liner #beautytok #lipcombo #makeup #hotchocolit ♬ original sound – logan

@victoriaalxndr Cultural appropriation via Hailey Bieber “brownie glazed lips” aka the looks our tias and aunties have been serving for decades. #BrownieGlazedLips #HaileyBieber #CulturalAppropriation ♬ Smooth Hip Hop Trap Instrumental 5 – dj_komplex


The ThatGirl hashtag has accumulated 7.2 billion views on TikTok. It covers videos of extremely healthy and clean lifestyle and beauty routines. Since internauts love playing with irony, it’s now That Girl’s turn to be criticized. The Duet app lets users refuse filters and stay closer to reality while finding fault with this perfect girl.



The SkinCycling hashtag has gotten 91.4 million views on TikTok. Skin cycling, developed by dermatologist and skinfluencer Whitney Bowe (who also has her own skincare brand), consists of using a skin treatment cycle over a four-day period. The regime includes exfoliating, cleansing and repairing and uses active ingredients, such as retinol, the trending active ingredient that renews the skin barrier. More and more skin experts are using TikTok and sharing increasingly precise messages.

1_Exfoliate skin using a cleanser and either a scrub or lactic acid product.

2_ Apply a serum with retinol.

3 and 4_Use nourishing, hydrating products to repair skin.

@drwhitneybowe Skin cycling for beginners: how to get started. And how to layer with Bowe Glowe #skincycling #thatboweglow #dermatologist #skintok ♬ original sound – Dr. Whitney Bowe


The HalloweenMakeUp hashtag boasts around 7.3 billion views on TikTok. The upcoming holiday is an opportunity for beauty influencers to put together their best looks using the platform’s top communication techniques, such as transitions, lip syncs, and step-by-step tutorials.



8M vues

@makeupbylexh vampire lips🧛‍♀️💋🖤 ib: @caitlin using @ColourPop Cosmetics “bull chic” lippie pencil + “bitchette” lippie stix A D #colourpopme #colourpoplipcombo #vampirelips #vampirelipcombo ♬ original sound – eve

#DarkAngel – 114M vues
#DarkFairyMakeup – 679K vues

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