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TikTok Design Trends - June 2024


The experts at NellyRodi Maison present a selection of the most interesting trends seen on TikTok. Here are a few:

The obsession with vintage furniture

We were already aware of Gen Z’s interest in their interiors, and now TikTok has become the stage for a new obsession – vintage furniture.

Gen Z is more obsessed than their elders with interior design. As mentioned in our “Life at Home” study, the home is now, more than ever, designed as a cocoon and a reflection of the occupant’s personality to be showcased on social media. Design influencers are reaching a growing audience and presenting their tips and must-have decor objects.

Between looking for good deals, adding soul to their interiors and maintaining ecological ideals, Gen Z uses TikTok and Instagram to share their inspirations and good addresses for getting second-hand designer furniture at the best price.

In this context, TikTok users are relooking pieces once thought outdated or quirky: the Pratone chair by Ceretti, Derossi & Rosso has caught the attention of the new generations, as have old-school stereo systems, the Togo chair by Ligne Roset and USM Haller modular furniture.

@garrettbv Pratone Lounge chair designed in 1966 by Pietro Derossi, Giorgio Ceretti, and Ricardo Rosso. Inspired and modeled after a large patch of grass, each section is handcrafted and painted with a special Guflac paint coating. #vintagefurniture #design #chair ♬ Riding Low N Slow – South Bay Visions

@garrettbvSpace Age Rosita Vision 2000 stereo system designed by Thilo Oerke, 1971♬ Yasashi – CXSPER

@artspk_ So glad to received this iconic storage in my living room ✨🙌🏻 . . . #usmhaller #iconicdesign #interiordesign #fyp #design #home #capcut #usm ♬ original sound – Ghibli Shorts

Conversation in recent weeks has turned to the #ConversationPit, referring to those modular or sunken sofas that gained popularity in the 60s before disappearing from the radar. The Dune Sofa, an icon designed by Pierre Paulin in the early 70s, has recently gained popularity with new generations, thanks to a photo of artist Frank Ocean’s apartment.

@wallytus The Dune Sofa is what I want but the $200,000 is what I need right now. What about you? #dunesofa #sofa #viralsofa ♬ original sound – Walt

Passion chineA passion for thrifting

For Gen Z, it’s not just about acquiring furniture but also about finding deals and uncovering rare pieces. Many influencers recommend “hidden” galleries and sale locations in Paris, New York, Copenhagen, Antwerp, etc. In Paris, the Paradis gallery attracts curious design furniture enthusiasts to its vast space, formerly a ceramic factory.

@geena.possamai Love this place, save this for later 🤍🤍 #interiordesigner #decorationinterieur #designerfurniture #vintagefurniture #vintagesvibes #parisgallery #interiordecor #designinspo #minimaldesign ♬ original sound – Sonic Reducer

@audreyihirwe A rainy saturday afteroon at 📍 Galerie Paradis, Paris The design collective Hall.Haus was showcasing their « Haus Dari » modular sofa. I had to try it 🤩 #furnituredesign #design #interiordesign #homedesign #interiorarchitecture #designer #interiorarchitect #fyp ♬ Intergalactic Janet – Ley Soul

@pbjdesign 3 well-curated stores to check out #vintagefurniture #vintagefurnitureshop #togosofa #furniturestore #proprental #solodate #nyctodo ♬ redrum – 21 Savage

@chelsychristina Stumbled upon heaven at this furniture warehouse sale ☁️ Always admired the Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair and this one was under $300! #furnituresale #vintagefurniture #interiordesign #furnituredesign ♬ original sound – Chelsy Christina

For online thrifting, Gen Z still uses … Facebook. The platform had largely been abandoned by the younger generation in favor of Instagram, Snapchat and especially TikTok. But now it’s finding new life via its marketplace, a haven for young people looking for small appliances, decor items or second-hand furniture. For young people in their early 20s, especially in the United States, Facebook Marketplace is the place to find second-hand decor at competitive prices … before posting their finds on TikTok!

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