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Eléonore Terzian 12.18.20

Weekly Debrief #15


This week on the NellyRodi Radar…

How young brands and designers are preparing for the post-crisis period
The coronavirus pandemic is having a profound effect on the fashion market, from the strongest groups to young designers. Young designers, in particular, are reinventing themselves to deal with this unprecedented crisis, challenging a system they all consider outdated.

CONNEXION Un modèle de la jeune créatrice française - Coralie Marabelle

What could be the future of post-coronavirus fashion?
In a world accustomed to containment, the time when clothes will be created, displayed and even virtually “worn” is not as far away as you might think.

CONNEXION Per Götteson SS20 Prototype via Instagram (@kaffymcgee)

Will the health crisis destroy our efforts to achieve zero waste?
Health regulations, distrust of bulk, closure of local businesses… is the zero waste movement threatened by the crisis? Interview with Laura Chatel from the Zero Waste France association.

© Traitov via GettyImages

Netflix: the 6 most addictive documentaries of the moment
From the crazy story of Joe Exotic’s social networking craze to the avant-garde camp that forged a new civil rights movement, here are six of the best documentaries to watch right now on Netflix.

Cheer © Courtesy of Netflix

World Fitness Day: here are the best sports classes to take live today
Yoga class, face gym lesson or even a buttock workout: we reveal, day after day, the Instagram and Facebook lives not to be missed this week to upgrade your fitness and beauty capital during confinement. It’s time to get out your agenda…


Gaming Champions
From the Tokyo Olympics to Euro 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many live events to sit out for the rest of the year. As live sports shut down for 2020, the online arena switches on—rallying a larger audience and more players during home quarantine.

The League of Legends Champion - Qiyana in her Louis Vuitton Prestige skin

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