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Digital 01.16.21

Weekly Debrief #19


This week on the NellyRodi Radar…

For fashion, the Covid-19 crisis initiates a sad three-beat waltz

With lockdown, millions of items of clothing, accessories and footwear remained in the boxes. Spring/Summer 2020 is a blank season for many brands and retailers. So the question arises as to the future of these products.

Avec deux mois de fermetures pour le commerce physique la collection printemps été 2020 est restée en stocks AFP

The 7 Rules For Reinventing the Luxury Business Model for Post-Pandemic Success

Citizens of the world have endured weeks of living through the COVID-19 pandemic experience. When we are past the worst of the crisis, we will not be the same, but we know from history that there will be many major opportunities for economic prosperity.


Despite an economic crisis, the cosmetics sector still attracts consumers

In times of severe economic downturn, certain companies routinely fare better than others. While luxury brands tend to suffer significantly, off-price retailers often thrive during recessionary times, as consumers look to cut costs.

Glossier Unsplash

What will the consumers of the next world look like?

Ready for a boom or very reserved, what kind of consumers will emerge from this unprecedented crisis? No one doubts it, there will be a before and after coronavirus. It remains to be seen what the after will look like.

Azamat Mukanov via Getty Images

Saint Laurent withdraws from Paris Fashion Week in 2020 to follow its own pace

Faced with the consequences of the health crisis, Saint Laurent has chosen to establish its own rules of the game by withdrawing from the official parade circuit. A great first for a brand on the Paris Fashion Week calendar.

Le défile Saint Laurent automne hiver 2020-2021. Paris le 26 février 2020. Abaca

Will the Tik Tok Beauty Challenge dethrone Instagram?

Are these viral games the signs of a generation tired of the smooth and static performance of traditional networks?

Courtesy of Ellie Addis

5 ways to pass the time by boosting your fashion culture

How was punk fashion born? How does upcycling work ? What does the pope think about streetwear in today’s fashion? The answers here, and for free.

Courtesy of Giulia Roman

Cover image credit: © Saint Laurent, 20/21 – Abaca

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