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Digital 01.17.21

Weekly Debrief #20

This week on the NellyRodi Radar…

How will the big houses present their collections after lockdown?

After many months of lockdown, fashion brands are starting to think about the “post-Covid-19”. Here are the latest projects announced by the major players in the textile industry.

The Business of health 

The pandemic has pushed health to the top of the agenda—for everybody. Every brand is now in the business of promoting public health.

Now, the mask will be your fashion accessory

We wanted masks. We’ll get masks. Glitter, velvet, satin, all colors, brands and designers are getting into it.

Covid-19: “Unfortunately, for the moment, the concert is dead”

On April 24th, rapper Travis Scott performed in front of more than 12 million spectators… in the video game Fortnite. Is this a weak signal of the – temporary – death of the concert in real life, and the lasting advent of the livestream? The question was put to Denis Ladegaillerie, co-founder of Believe, a distribution and services company for artists.

Space Popular launches virtual reality art gallery

Design studio Space Popular has created a gallery in virtual reality for the Architectural Association, plus today’s other design and architecture-related coronavirus news. Called AA Earth Gallery, the project was made to mark 50 years of Earth Day, an annual event held in support of environmental protection.

Cover image credit: © @marijkeaerden via Instagram

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Reconciling creation and responsibility

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