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Digital 01.17.21

Weekly Debrief #21

This week on the NellyRodi Radar…

The rise of ‘squad shopping’

A new platform developed by a former L’Oréal brand manager wants to make e-commerce social by letting users shop online in groups.

Home Shooting: what do fashion campaigns reveal about our times?

If fashion is above all a look at our time, the one we are living in today will undoubtedly imprint in its iconography a brand of its own. The campaigns carried out during the confinement are the most tangible evidence of this, immortalizing a parenthesis and, probably, a pivotal moment for the industry.

Nutricosmetics: professional advice before getting started

Capsules to swallow to pluck out fine lines, ampoules to dilute to radiate your complexion, chewing gum or chocolates to eat to protect your skin… What if beauty really came from the inside?

The French Federation of Women’s Ready-to-Wear creates a subsidy for digital transformation

Containment has exposed the digital fractures. This is true for the gap between citizens with individual internet access and those who do not have access or have to share this access. It is also a reality for businesses, particularly in the fashion industry.

Cover image credit: © Dor Esht/Squadded Shopping Party

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Reconciling creation and responsibility

As a B Corp, NellyRodi is part of a global community of companies that adhere to high social and environmental standards.