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Digital 01.19.21

Weekly Debrief #26


This week on the NellyRodi Radar…

London Digital Fashion Week: new collections, at last!

It was feared that the digital format of London Fashion Week would prevent the emergence of a truly new fashion: it was without counting on the proposals of Tiscar Espadas, Xander Zhou and Ka Wa Key.

“Why are corporations destroying the planet? “in comic books

If companies do not make real ecological commitments, it is not just because of an inescapable market logic or a destructive financial system. The problem goes much deeper. From the original article “Why are companies destroying the planet?“…this is the comic book version.

How will tomorrow’s technologies redefine the way we live at home?

New SPACE 10 x IKEA project offering a series of digital experiences around the home. Thanks to AI and augmented reality, it is easy to extract creative keys, but also new services for e-commerce.

Commerce: 69% of French people plan to consume differently

The coronavirus has changed business practices as much as consumer behaviour. Altavia, a communication group dedicated to the retail sector, has just unveiled a study to understand what the French expect from their stores, while the Covid-19 crisis has strongly shaken their habits.

The rooftops of summer 2020 in Paris

After the official announcement of the restaurants and cafés reopening, the focus is on those that not only offer culinary nuggets, but also plunge all over Paris.

Cover image credit: L’Oiseau Blanc in Paris © Antonio Saba

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