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An interview with Marie Dupin: “Brands must explore their raison d’être.”


Marie Dupin talks about brands’ challenges with in-depth CSR issues and the role tomorrow’s brands will play.

You manage consulting activities at NellyRodi. Could you briefly explain what that entails?

Consulting at NellyRodi encompasses all the customized projects for our clients, totaling around 150 missions per year in France and internationally. We specialize in the creative industries, and our clients come from companies, brands and institutions in sectors such as luxury, beauty, hospitality, fashion, lifestyle, home decor and food. We help them understand the world and its developments to collaboratively shape the future. The kinds of missions are diverse, including tailor-made consumer or sector studies, brand strategy, product offer strategy, inspirational documents and defining creative concepts. When working on brands’ futures, addressing their social and environmental commitments is inevitable. I am extremely proud that NellyRodi is a certified B Corp company. This certification reflects our commitment to encouraging innovation and sustainable development among our clients and promoting a virtuous vision for the creative industries. 

Brands still have a lot to do to truly reduce their impact. What do you think they lack, and where should they start?

To genuinely minimize their footprint, brands must delve into their raison d’être – the fundamental quest for their existence beyond their market positioning. It is crucial to clearly define the brand’s essence, guiding all its actions and decisions. This involves tangibly and meaningfully committing to the environment and society. Developing an integrated corporate strategy, with the brand as a spokesperson to its clientele, is crucial to initiate this change.

In your opinion, what will the brands of tomorrow look like?

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Reconciling creation and responsibility

As a B Corp, NellyRodi is part of a global community of companies that adhere to high social and environmental standards.