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The Fédération du Prêt-à-Porter Féminin recently hosted its Rôle Modèle event.  The meeting’s mission was to change the negative stereotypes attached to the sector and to win over investors.

Fashion and luxury are major contributors to both the French and global economies:
• The sector generates €154 billion in sales
• The biggest French names are worth more than €80 billion

France boasts an exciting diversity of business models and creative brands:
• Brands are using very inventive models to develop
• New brands are putting CSR at the core of their strategy and inspiring the sector
• The main players are being reinvented and turning toward more sustainable models
• Business models are being transformed to better meet customer expectations

Brands must adjust quickly to the changes in consumption habits introduced by Generation Z by:
Using new, more responsible materials
• Cultivating authenticity and creativity in their businesses
• Investing in digital technology to take their place in social commerce
• Anticipating potential opportunities in the metaverses and immersive universes; a brand’s social value is one of the indispensable elements for success

The fashion sector, which is being completely transformed, is adapting and blending:
New and second-hand products
• Physical and digital commerce
• More local production that’s also more responsive to trends

Rôle Modèle X Pierre-François Le Louët - Président chez NellyRodi

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