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Pierre-François Le Louët 12.13.22

NellyRodi's quiet revolution in 2022

NellyRodi CEO Pierre-François Le Louët reviews 2022, a year of transformation targeting a more open, responsible business model.

‘Without doubt, 2022 was the year for deeply and definitely understanding that the world’s rules, sparked by two factors, have changed.

  1. The multilateralism envisioned by the most prominent democracies no longer works. A new world regionalization is being established, dividing the globe into new poles driven by values that are very often different. The democratic faction, which has never been so fragmented, is weakened from within by conservative forces that fear modern ideas and, even worse, vehemently reject them.
  2. Climate change is accelerating: summer 2022 was brutal and, due to an energy shortage, winter 2022/23 will be glacial. Climate change shows us that our societies and economies aren’t ready to embrace change. But the undeniable nature of this disturbance is no longer up for debate. It’s unavoidable, and it brings a host of bad news affecting mental health for many of us; the environment, of course; and the businesses who didn’t recognize the need to adapt their models.

And yet, at NellyRodi we continue to believe with conviction and confidence in the guiding lights of universalism and respect for cultures and differences. The desire for freedom has never been so widespread, and the consumption of luxury products and experiences has never been greater. It’s as though these logos, omnipresent on every continent, are all proof that a happy life is possible. Faced with increasing worries and opinions that provoke extreme reactions, we still sincerely believe that virtuous innovation and education are the only ways to move forward.

Yes, the world is changing, and more and more businesses in the creative industry sector are calling on NellyRodi to help them plan and build their future. But beyond our excellent results – a two-figure growth rate; confirmed and expanded expertise in the luxury, hospitality and leisure sectors; and a list of clients unparalleled in the world – we also wanted to work on our business foundations.

So in 2022, the entire team, with enthusiasm for the goal of becoming more virtuous, mobilized to accelerate our own transformation.

Our governance was revised with the creation of a supervisory board of five inspiring people whose guidance is so precious to us. We’ve strengthened our ties with our clients by increasing opportunities to meet with them and conducting an extensive survey in France, the United States, and Japan to better understand what they expect from us. In conjunction with them, we’ve continued to encourage innovation and sustainable development by multiplying the number of projects based on those topics.

We’ve amplified our ties with our community, set up a stakeholders committee, and written a code of good conduct with our suppliers and partners. We’ve increased our activity to help schools and set up several partnerships to encourage the emergence of new talents. One example in 2022 was NellyRodi’s three-year commitment to join the list of donors to the Fondation Institut Français de la Mode, which finances scholarships for several students.

We’ve gained awareness about our environmental impact with a carbon footprint study and a life-cycle analysis of our best-selling publication. We’ve already carried out a certain number of initiatives to reduce our impact, such as reducing our number of publications, digitalizing them, and using recycled paper or more eco-friendly inks as well as donating or recycling our unsold publications.

All of our collaborators are thoroughly committed to this transformation project, and I thank them with all my heart. There’s still a lot to do to completely fulfill our ambition, but we’re off to a good start. Next year we’ll tell you about our values, vision, and our mission statement, now all part of our statutes. We’re ready for 2023!

The entire NellyRodi team joins me in wishing you a wonderful holiday season.’

– Pierre François Le Louët

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