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Pinterest Moods, December 2022

Every month our creative teams add inspiring visuals to our Pinterest account. The images, which illustrate emerging trends, are organized into three categories:
Fashion & Accessories
Interiors & Decor

These mood boards are based on our trendbooks. Our December inspiration comes from the Free Mind theme for fall-winter 2023/24.

Pinterest NellyRodi
@nellyrodi on Pinterest

‘Free Mind’

Utilitarian basics and key, multi-functional pieces mix with the Memphis Movement’s colorful, pop esthetic. Bold, bright shades shake up neutral palettes with joyful cheekiness, while geometric forms and color blocks pair with combinations of patchwork, pockets (and more) and DIY-styled revalorized materials. With zero waste, zero plastic, and upcycling, we take old things, make new, useful ones, and add a touch of artistic bling and offbeat humor.

Pinterest NellyRodi
@nellyrodi on Pinterest

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