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Pinterest Moods, May 2023


Every month our creative teams add inspiring visuals to our Pinterest account. The images, which illustrate emerging trends, are organized into three categories:
Fashion & Accessories
Interiors & Decor

These mood boards are based on our trendbooks. Our May inspiration comes from the “SPELL” theme for fall-winter 2024/25.

NellyRodi on Pinterest
@NellyRodi on Pinterest

While the young as a whole hold with paranormal beliefs and choose to face reality through a fantastic lens, the world is tumbling into the fourth dimension.

In a show of curiosity cabinets, alchemistic experiences and imaginary beasts, dark romanticism explores the most tortured corners of our subconscious. Everyday life conjures up spirits, the occult and anything that escapes day-to-day existence, to find not a scary unknown realm, but on the contrary, a source of incredible self-assurance. Because if we want to regain our power, we’ll be better in the shoes of the evil queen or the wicked witch than those of the innocent young girl! And imagine our own grandiloquent, theatrical costume designed to act as armor and impress.

Pinterest NellyRodi
@NellyrRodi on Pinterest

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