Who are the Gen Z? What are the new expectations of this generation and how are they reshaping the beauty industry?

The Unfolding Gen Z Beauty study is based on an exclusive field survey of over 2,500 consumers interviewed in France, in the United States, in China, in United Arab Emirates and in India. It allows us to understand the challenges of the beauty sector in the broadest sense - skincare, make-up, perfume, hair care - as well as the resulting opportunities for brands.

  • Portrait of these new consumers → understanding this generation's relationship with beauty and its consumption habits through key figures.

  • Regional contexts → a summary of beauty expectations and uses by country.

  • Deciphering new consumer expectations → identifying the 5 main expectations as keys to understanding this young generation, supported by figures.

  • Analysis of 5 consumer archetypes → understanding different visions of beauty that are aspirational for Gen Z through numerous examples (products, activations, personalities...) and identifying affiliated business opportunities to inspire decision makers in the operational deployment of their strategies.

Number of pages: 90 pages.

Field survey: quantitative online study conducted in March 2023 with 2,694 consumers aged 15-26 in 5 countries (France, United States, China, United Arab Emirates, India).

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