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Chloé Delecolle 04.15.24

Pushing the limits – Beauty goes 360


If we try to situate beauty (using a traditional description, it’s a rather superficial subject, since purely esthetic) in Maslow’s pyramid, we generally place it higher up with needs for esteem (self-esteem, improved appearance, status). 

But that’s all micellar water under the bridge now, and the meaning of beauty has gone beyond the restrictions of the past. Today when we talk about beauty, we don’t only mention cosmetic products, we extend the term to new territories: physical and mental health, longevity, vitality and more. Beauty has come out of the bathroom to take its place in the bedroom and kitchen. It has become a lifestyle and part of the physiological needs at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy. Along with sleep, food and sexuality, beauty satisfies one of the body and mind’s basic needs for functioning correctly. 

The industry’s update with a more 360 degree approach can be explained by three main factors:

1) The search for integrated wellbeing

Since COVID, mental and physical wellbeing have taken a central place in our lives. Beauty is no longer measured by our feelings about appearance only, but through a more global vision that includes mental, emotional and social conditions going beyond conventional ideas about beauty.

 “Each person’s definition of wellbeing varies. For some, it encompasses the holistic idea of mind, body and soul. For others, it centers around specific factors, like having a sense of community or living in an inviting physical environment.” Global Wellbeing Report 2023, lululemon.

2) The “healthification” of beauty

The interdependence of beauty and health, physically as much as mentally, is getting solid confirmation. We now prioritize beauty’s health dimensions and demand products that are reliable and beneficial for overall health. This evolution reflects a collective awareness of the dangers linked to ingredients’ toxicity, spurring a demand for increased transparency and appropriate legislation. The result is a healthification of beauty with aspirations concerning mental and esthetic balance; and it’s producing care routines that are both safe and restorative. 

3) The “lifestylisation” of beauty

Beauty now transcends esthetics, taking its place as an aspirational trend. On social media, we look for routines targeted to achieve the image of a desired, ideal life. Through carefully elaborated codes and archetypes, such as the “clean girl,” beauty is evolving into a lifestyle that influences daily choices and encourages an active commitment to personal and community wellbeing.

These changes, coupled with new consumer demands, are introducing a redefinition of brands’ roles. In addition, according to a 2023 VML report, 79% of those surveyed affirm that brands’ roles have changed over the last five years, and 38% believe a brand’s purpose should be to improve health and wellbeing.

Here are three of the five new brand postures defined by NellyRodi beauty experts for the “Beauty Goes 360” report:

1) The Protector

The Protector brand is committed to preserving individuals’ physical and mental health while still looking after their feelings. 

It creates an environment of safety and kindness, forming a reassuring cocoon around each person. By listening attentively, the brand honors each one’s essence and shows a thorough understanding of their particularities to carefully guide every step of their lives. 

Its mission is to safeguard physical and mental health and to facilitate (re)connecting with oneself to guarantee that every person can evolve in a comfortable context.


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2) The Hacker

The Hacker brand guides individuals in their desire to test their boundaries and exercise absolute control. 

The brand encourages people to hack their bodies to achieve an ultimate goal: pushing the limits of longevity. It focuses on innovation and defends a pragmatic vision of beauty: going from point A to point B as quickly as possible. 

The Hacker brand represents a daring vision where innovation, surpassing oneself and the search for longevity converge into a more radical personal transformation process. 


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3) The Inspirer

The Inspirer brand guides individuals in their search to reach an ideal where beauty transcends ordinary expectations. 

The brand is always in step with the times and its distinctive culture and groundbreaking image intrigues. It plays the role of an artistic curator, and its posture celebrates refinement, details and authentic beauty – all giving customers a way to improve themselves. 

Its mission is to inspire and transform every instant into an exceptional moment full of meaning. 


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The beauty industry can no longer confine itself to products, it needs to sell an entire lifestyle. So it’s fundamental for brands to determine their dominant posture to identify their mission, the products they make, the experience they offer, the message they communicate and the relationship they create with their community. To stay desirable … beauty brands have to go 360.

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