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Cecile Guerrier 12.17.20

Cosmetics and beauty rituals in the age of quantum physics

Quantum science is revolutionizing our thinking about art and inno-vation and shaking up the realm of deep tech – e.g. digital, algorithmic and microelectronic technologies – the term “quantum” is increasingly used in the well-being and beauty sectors. That’s in theory. What about in practice?

“Everything’s connected!”

 The word “quantum” fascinates. It tends to objectivize what is inexplicable, intuitive, invisible and unpredictable, transcending the imagination… and therein lies its tremendous appeal.

Outside the laws of “rational” physics, the quantum world is a black box – one might say a Pandora’s box – in which perceptions of time, space, energy and matter defy our understanding. It’s a world of multiple and parallel realities, a world of the infinitely large and the infinitely small in which an atom can take myriad forms simultaneously and can be here and elsewhere at the same time. Matter and consciousness, the cell and the universe, are all one (Einstein spoke of the “cosmic religion”). According to artist Libby Heaney, who has a PhD in quantum physics, the latter discipline calls forsubjectivity, i.e. the way in which each individual measures and grasps reality.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

 Bismuth crystal: This multi-dimensional metallic mineral, used in makeup pigments, has been found to have quantum properties when exposed to a high magnetic field.

It’s all about waves

Our thoughts emit waves that may have an impact not only on our body and energy field, but also on our environment. And vice-versa.

Today, questions are being raised about the correlations between quantum mechanics, the neurosciences and ancestral therapies* (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Ayurvedic, Druidic and Shamanic). This crossover could open up new, “multi-dimensional” holistic pathways, creating a “big bang” in the beauty and well-being sectors. The human body is no longer perceived as simplyan assembly of organs, but also as a vibrational and energy field made up of electromagnetic waves and billions of biophotons – the light particles emitted by our cells – that exchange information relevant to “inside & out” beauty and well-being on a permanent basis. Similarly, plants emit quantum vibrations that seem to be conducive to their growth (and also emit them when subjected to noise pollution). In 2019, Uruguayan researchers working on the HY Projectadded artificial sound to electric cars that would stimulate plant growth. One notes, too, the boom in vibrational frequency baths and “sound massages” from Paris to L.A. (e.g. Lush Spa, Gong Spa, Zen & Sounds, Integratron and Woom Center).

*Luc Lambs, a researcher at France’s national center for scientific research (CNRS) and an avid practitioner of eco-spirituality, draws parallels between science and Oriental wisdom in La science sacrée ou la conscience de l’atome  (éditions LVH).

Neuro-quantum therapies

Some scientists say that quantum physics may afford the explanation for intercellular communication: wave-particle duality would provide justification for the techniques of “bioresonance”. Numerous “biofeedback” machines have appeared at spa institutes and the premises of wellness practitioners (e.g. Bio-Well, SCIO, Physiospect-Physioscan, Oberon System Quantum, Physioquanta, Mevitec and L.I.F.E. System) and even at home(HEALYand Somavedic Quantum). The idea is to rebalance the body by exposing it to thousands of microfrequencies that “question” the cells and deliver a targeted response to their needs (e.g. physiological, energy and emotional). It’s sort of like a session of acupuncture, homeopathy or Reiki, except that it relies on frequencies, cameras and data .

Vibrational skincare

This type of cream or massage is not just applied to the skin, but is intended to stimulate interactions deep within us. In order to “communicate with” our cells and our emotional self, slow cosmetics has added a new ingredient to preparations, i.e. the intent. Balms and creams – free of electromagnetic pollution, formulated in full consciousness and exposed to high frequencies – are, according to the brand Douces Angevines, energized by force fields generated by picking and preparing raw materials manually. For Alors ça Pousse, the key is cultivating ingredients on energy mandalas and in phase with the lunar cycle. Whether neuro-cosmetic or cosmo-telluric, these holistic approaches to skincare claim to leave the skin looking radiant, healthy and give it a powerful energy boost. Some rely on minerals(Crystal Auraor “resilience boosting” skincare from POLA), others on plants (Symphytum; Quantum Botanika) and others still on algae. Among the latter, Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist at NASA, figured as a pioneer in the 1960s by developing a biofermentation process that exposed the algae to frequencies reproducing the movement of waves and moonlight. His research gave rise to Miracle Broth, a key component in the brand story of Crème La Mer).

The power of water

The experimentation on “water’s memory” done by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese doctor of alternative medicine, can also be a source of inspiration (e.g. the Phyto 5 line of energetic quantum skincare). Masaru Emoto set out to show in photographs that water exposed to the vibrations of benevolent intentions result in brilliant, complex and colorful crystal formations. Conversely, water that is polluted or exposed to negative thoughts yield incomplete formations in dull colors. “It is thought that water retains information about materials with which it has been in contact within its molecular structure,” noted Marc Henry, researcher and professor at Université de Strasbourg who specializes in the study of water, the cell and quantum physics, at a November 2019 conferenceinstigated by EasyCos [translation of the conference title: “Quantum Physics, the States of Water, and the Neurosciences: How to Factor These New Givens Into Our Beauty and Well-Being”].  This subject will surely inspire a great deal of further research… and continue to fascinate.

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