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Elisa Huster 07.08.21



Faced with the stress and changes caused by the global pandemic, more and more of us are turning to spiritual and mystical practices. Among these practices, tarot is making a strong comeback. The craze for this card game reflects both a growing fascination with supernatural realms and a widespread search for meaning.

Even if the fascination for the mystical is not new – present since time immemorial in a great number of artists – cartomancy, cousin of astrology, has today become a real trend.

The graphic aspect of these universal cards inspires creators in fashion, decoration and design. A few months ago, Maria Grazia Chiuri created a collection for Dior whose universe took up the codes of the tarot with silk scarves, jumpers, bombers…, while the publisher Taschen reissued the surrealist tarot created by the master Salvador Dalí in 1984.

Christian Dior himself was guided by a fortune teller. Inspired by the art of divination, he believed in the unheard-of predictions he was given:
“You will find yourself without money, but women are beneficial to you and it is through them that you will succeed […] Accept! You must create the house of Christian Dior! Whatever the starting conditions, whatever you may be offered later does not compare with the luck of today.
He dared to convince Marcel Boussac at his crucial meeting to offer him the chance to realise his dream on Avenue Montaigne: La Maison Christian Dior.

The star, the wheel of fortune, temperance, the moon, lovers, the world, the empress, the sun, justice, we could mention them all, but the card that makes us flutter with emotion, and which abroad gives the most beautiful image of French Haute Couture, is the one signed by Christian Dior: The Elegance.

A new form of spirituality, the cards allow us to draw lessons, considered by some as therapeutic.

Thinking about Paco Rabanne is thinking about two words: Fashion and Esotericism. The former fashion designer Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo, has never hidden his passion for the world of mysticism and even declared that fashion is not his real passion:
“I’ve been involved in esotericism since I was a child […] My grandmother was a shaman, she introduced me to the knowledge of the world very early on. I’ve always kept this within me. Fashion allowed me to earn a living but it wasn’t really my focus.

Today, luxury houses continue to draw more and more inspiration from the mystical and spiritual world. Like Louis Vuitton, which launched “Méteore” last September, then “Étoile Filante” at the beginning of the year. Like Chanel, which is multiplying the exercises around the Lion, the iconic symbol of the house and star sign of its founder Gabrielle. Or the label Create which has declined the 12 astrological signs into 12 perfumes that can illustrate the personality of each.

Fashion brands from Primark to Dior – and cosmetics brands (Huda Beauty or Urban Decay) – now invite fortune tellers to their events to give them a touch of esotericism. These neo-sorceresses decipher in the cards the signs of existence invisible to others, a talent that generates genuine curiosity. It is much more than predictions like those of a palmist. It is about interpretations – and therefore why not a feeling – that passes between the fortune teller and her client.
It is therefore not surprising that fortune-telling consultations help some people to take the step of professional reconversion, making this divinatory art a new form of coaching. More sensitive. More powerful. More real.

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