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2 new businesses that will define 2025


Our annual Life & Style 2025 report with analyses of new consumer behaviors and emerging attitudes, values and lifestyles has just been released!

Whether you’re a manager, communicator, marketer or retailer, this trendbook will help you invent the products and experiences that will resonate with your consumers in a way other brands won’t be able to do.

What will happen in 2025?

In this complex, frazzled decade, we’re working to bring positive values and an always fresh perspective to the world. The goals:

–   Rise up and achieve a new point of view.

–   Break free from heaviness and reach a superior state.

–   Attain a more advanced level of intelligence and excellence and put things back into perspective.

–   Flee mundane existence and escape to new imaginary lands, rediscover lightness.

Each year we identify new business opportunities to inspire you, and this year half of them concern sustainability and innovative solutions.

Get a preview look at two business opportunities featured in the brand new Life & Style 2025 publication.


Every year the IPCC report sends out SOS climate alarms, with global CO2 emissions rebounding to their highest levels, the time is now to pull carbon out of the air. To achieve this iconic “carbon neutrality”, both entrepreneurs and start-ups are exploring di!erent road maps.

In Iceland or Texas, factories are sucking carbon out of the highly industrialized air and storing it in the Earth’s underground reservoirs or converting it into oil to make “Bio-commodities”.


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Une publication partagée par AIR COMPANY (@aircompany)

Other groundbreakers making headlines: Extracting and grinding rocks, super rich in minerals which naturally soak up CO2 ; and scattering them across our soils and seas; or harvesting trees which capture carbon throughout their life cycles, burning them to generate energy and burying the combustion triggered CO2 (in abandoned mines for example). Or inventing living clothing able like plants to photosynthesize producing a carbon capture and oxygen release mechanism. Of course, the fashion industry is taking part in this collective e!ort.


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Une publication partagée par LanzaTech Global, Inc. (@lnzatech)

Zara (pour une capsule en partenariat avec LanzaTech) ou On Running (pour sa basket Cloudprime) ont fait du dioxyde de carbone leur matière première, tout comme, côté cosmétiques, Nivea Men Climate Care Moisturizer, ou les savons Clean O2. Et ce n’est que le début !


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In fairytales, a genie pops out of a lamp to make our wildest dreams come true. Back in the real world, new entrepreneurs are here to dazzle us with breathtaking showstoppers.

In Saudi Arabia, the megalopolis Neom is under construction, a central project in the Saudi 2030 Vision, a mega complex with artificial islands, a floating city grabbing headlines worldwide: The Line, a 170-kilometer belt of communities with a mirror façade, 100% car free, provider of fresh air and well-being for all.


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Une publication partagée par NEOM (@discoverneom)

Simultaneously, Riyadh is set to build Mukaab, a cube-shaped skyscraper encompassing a tower atop a spiral base, etching in stone this age of over-the-top architecture and entertainment (the venue features state-of-the-art entertainment, tourism, and retail).

Meanwhile, recharge your batteries at The Banyan Tree hotel in the magical surrounds of AIUla, a luxury resort where you can take a dip in the naturally treated “rock pool” set in a canyon between sheer cli!s, just a stone’s throw away from the Maraya concert hall, an architectural feat which has earned a Guinness World Records title for the largest mirrored building in the world.


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Une publication partagée par Banyan Tree AlUla (@banyantree.alula)

At the same time, in the United Arab Emirates, the trailblazing powerhouse in this Middle Eastern age of gigantism, has announced its plans to build The Loop by 2040: designed to get around in a climate-controlled tunnel highway year-round, promoting walking, biking, urban agriculture, and idyllic flânerie.

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