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Ophélie Meunier 04.13.21


NellyRodi presents its new study "The Next MegaTrends: 2021 and Beyond." It contains the 10 solutions that provide inspirational keys and figures to explain the configuration of tomorrow's world in a creative and commerce-oriented way, so businesses can understand, anticipate and act.

The current health, social, political, environmental and civic context makes us question our priorities and our relationship to time and consumption. What will the future world be like?

Imagining sustainable, desirable strategies, sensing consumers’ expectations and going forward while respecting everyone’s aspirations are still the goals of many communicators, decision-makers and entrepreneurs for 2021.

NellyRodi’s study, “The Next MegaTrends: 2021 and Beyond” gives answers and insights to these questions with 10 key solutions. From easy-to-adapt inspiring examples to concrete situations, the study provides enough creative, intelligent business solutions to bring teams together or start new projects.

  • What are the structuring and inspirational values to recognize?
  • How can you measure the challenges of today and create the shape of the future?
  • On which foundation should we base future successful strategies?
  • What are the essential MegaTrends of 2021 and beyond?

There are 10 of them and they all begin with the letter S!

In our last article, we shared an excerpt from our MegaTrends Study about Sensitivity. This week, we give you an exclusive preview of another new MegaTrend, Spirituality.

Spirituality is absolutely everywhere, it surrounds us. Today, with our senses either overly stimulated or, on the contrary, sometimes on the wane, many of us are searching for a sixth, or even seventh, sense. Is that the “something extra” that’s missing from our lives? Paranormal topics, with their numerous needs for rituals, have never had so many followers. Though rational thinking is its own proof, and science guides our lives and imposes its rhythms, we’re bringing feeling and instinct back to the center of the discussion. We’re flirting with magic and looking for something that will make a difference – that famous “something extra.”

In the past few years, we’ve seen a clear return to a collective need to celebrate everything. It’s an impulse to re-enchant our daily lives through special occasions that are really just business opportunities, such as Halloween, Christmas or even more personal events such as Saint Valentine’s Day or baby showers. This desire to redefine social gatherings as celebrations and to reconnect with meaning and a story are pretexts to get together and connect with others. Spirituality is the link that puts us back in touch with each other. We’re united in this pagan principle of living together and in the desire to honor a fact or event on the same date as everyone else.

This method of intensifying celebrations and recreating meaning adds spirituality to daily life and re-enchants it with tradition and festivity. Each year, Christmas celebrations are increasingly disassociated from their religious significance, but they nevertheless keep their traditional dimension through get-togethers with friends, Secret Santa games, ugly Christmas sweater fun and other family-of-choice get togethers that have meaning only because we give them meaning.

The spirituality that surrounds us may also be found a bit further out, on the outskirts of science; and, in fact, it’s in irrational realms that we enjoy finding it. Moonology today has more and more enthusiasts. Crystal healing (under discussion and unproven) has numerous followers and inspires a great amount of excitement and interest. Engraved gemstones, commonly called talismans, promise love, luck, power and sometimes even all three. Why shouldn’t we believe? There’s no obligation involved, except maybe to achieve our goals. If science lets us down, we have to believe in something else. It’s the universe that sends us its good vibrations. We can’t control everything, so why should we try to understand everything?

Los Angeles fashion label Monoki has its kimonos blessed by a shaman. Being mystical is cool. Charm bracelets have never been so popular. Dior puts tarot cards and astrology – important themes for the house founder – on center stage in almost every collection. The Moon and its 28-day rhythm and everything tied to womanhood and the force of the feminine cycle are also revered by certain groups who think that women hold the power – that of nature. Yes, the body possesses a certain magic. And some practices that are coming back into favor are based on this premise, such as Kundalini, a mix of yoga and spiritual energy, or Reiki, which heals through a universal energy.

As with all needs, this quest for spirituality redefines our relationship with our bodies and the limits of our energies, whether they’re natural, feminine, mystical, irrational or completely made up …

(To find out more and discover our complete study on Spirituality and the other MegaTrends, click here.)

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