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Chloé Delecolle 04.04.23

TikTok Beauty Trends - April 2023


Each month, NellyRodi beauty experts present their selection of the most interesting trends seen on TikTok. Here’s what’s happening in April 2023!


Spread by the Metaverse, the fluid, organic forms and saturated blues and purples from the Cyberpunk game and the Euphoria series are filling our world with digital esthetics. TikTok users are wild about these codes bordering on the unreal, and they have a particularly strong influence on makeup aficionados.

To create these faux-digital makeup looks, #hotgluemakeup is the most popular technique, and it has already generated over 14.3 million views on the platform. The method involves using a glue gun to draw shapes (abstract forms, stars, hearts, or other Y2K symbols) on a flat surface. When dry, iridescent makeup is applied, and the shapes are affixed to the face – with the appropriate adhesive, not a glue gun!

In the past, digital spaces were the final playgrounds for brands to promote their products. Their AR filters used the latest collection’s creative universe to inspire platform users and encourage them to use the filter and then buy the makeup. Now the roles are reversed. Internauts are creating their makeup themselves and sharing it on social media, giving brands inspirational direction for developing new collections. And why not beads and other stickers to put on the face?

@cutcreaser how i created my own hot glue eyeliner designs! 💫 inspirations: @pinkmonadeee @theystella @maytahmi @blondetaki @ines.alpha and the entire editorial/sfx makeup community who have used this technique before i did! 🫶🌟 THANK U FOR THE LOVE!! #hotgluemakeup #chromemakeup #fyp #makeup #xybca #fypシ #eyeliner #graphicliner #3dartist #digitalmakeup ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design


In our last “(Re)Think Beauty” report we already looked at how the entire cosmetic sector is becoming “skinified.” You might be lost if you didn’t read the report, so we’ll explain. Face creams, the cosmetic industry’s most technical products, are used to treat specific problems: wrinkles, acne, redness, dryness, etc. Now this expertise has moved beyond skincare into other products such as shower gel and toothpaste. It’s important to take care of the entire body, not just the face!

On TikTok, more and more people are talking about body care and not just hygiene but also treatments. Consumers are looking for the exact product to care for their bodies and alleviate problems they may have, for example ingrown hair or even depigmentation.

In response to these new interests, two principal angles are emerging on the platform:
1) We don’t need to tell you about the “clean girl” with her perfect life and commitment to an ideal, multi-step routine. After having mastered facial care, now she’s busy with the rest of her body and showing it off on the platform. This (overly?) healthy lifestyle is inspiring a multitude of TikTokers and becoming their goal.

2) TikTok isn’t Pinterest; its objective isn’t just to inspire users, but also to be a space for discussions, tips, and advice. The platform is overflowing with instructional “skincare for body” videos that teach everything there is to know about the topic and give users information to solve their skin problems themselves.

The skincare market is going below the neck! To meet consumers’ new expectations and needs, brands should expand their care range and no longer just concentrate on the face, but rather apply the same expertise to every part of the body.

@abbybaffoe Let’s talk vajacials 🐱💅🏽💗 @Bushbalm ♬ original sound – Abby Baffoe


Filters are at the heart of the TikTok vocabulary. Users like to play with their appearance, and a new filter, Bold Glamour, has really caught their attention. The very realistic filter takes the facial traits of the Kardashian family and modifies users’ faces to give them a perfect beauty that’s neither natural nor achievable without artifice.

Consequently, TikTok is providing more and more tips for imitating the filter in real life. Makeup artists are reproducing the look with transformational makeup techniques that take several steps (baking, contouring, etc.) to literally reshape the face. Other platform users are sharing their top recommendations for improving facial muscle tone and attaining this ideal. And finally, plastic surgery is increasingly appealing to young TikTokers, and many of them are filming themselves and sharing their efforts to achieve this perfect beauty. To give you an idea, the #rhinoplasty (one of the most common esthetic surgeries) hashtag has earned 4.3 billion views.

Beauty diktats are unhealthy and have been for too long. Cosmetic brands, considered wellbeing allies, should set responsible examples: no photo retouching, show real people and not perfect avatars, etc. In the National Assembly, a proposal has been approved for a law to regulate the influencer sector … and its toxic quirks.

@aanthoninjawline tutorial &lt3 comment avoir une mâchoire plus dessinée/perdre son double menton♬ original sound – Anthonin

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