Engagement, inclusivity, digitalization of the customer experience, scientific expertise... What will be the major beauty topics of tomorrow?

The (Re)Think Beauty 2024 study provides an understanding of the challenges facing the beauty sector and the resulting priorities for brands.

  • Analyze the socio-economic context and new consumer values—> identify the essential markers to integrate into your strategic thinking.

  • Decipher the changes in the industry through 4 strong consumer profiles —> understand consumers through their new expectations and aspirations, through numerous examples of products and through activations or emblematic personalities.

  • Define the challenges of tomorrow and understand your next action levers —> to project itself by bringing strategic and operational answers for the actors of the beauty industry. 

Update of the study in February 2023

Photo credit: Chérie Fletcher – Make Up Artist @skininthebigcity; Aaron Pegg – Photographer @aaronpeggphoto; Celestia – Model @celestiaseyvant

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