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Baptise LESEQUE et Alexandre SALEM 02.29.24

TikTok Beauty Trends – March 2024


Each month, NellyRodi beauty experts present their selection of the most interesting trends seen on TikTok. Here’s what’s happening in March 2024!

Pat McGrath: Marketing Queen and Star of the Margiela Artisanal Show

One month after its presentation, the Margiela Artisanal fashion show, created by John Galliano with makeup looks by Pat McGrath, remain etched in people’s minds. On TikTok, the carefully orchestrated communication strategy by the famous makeup artist has kept audiences captivated.

Galliano’s fashion show stood out from other brands by offering a highly theatrical experience reminiscent of the designer’s early days at Dior. Immersed in a timeless space, spectators were captivated by the disjointed procession of models as well as their ultra-glossy makeup, which sparked a viral craze on TikTok. The models’ faces were transformed into wax dolls with finely redrawn eyebrows and misty touches of color, creating the illusion of porcelain skin.

Internet users were hypnotized by McGrath’s work and also by videos of the models removing their makeup as if it were a second skin. For several weeks, TikTok users and numerous influencers attempted, as best they could, to recreate this look, eager to master the makeup artist’s technique. McGrath, however, kept the secret, satisfied with reposting videos of internet users trying to reproduce her work.

@patmcgrathreal Replying to @VaishWasabi DID YOU HEAR THAT? ✨✨✨ @Meredith Duxbury’s MAJOR #MaisonMargiela Glass Skin finale: The peel off !! Thank you Meredith for an afternoon to remember at #LabsHQ ♬ original sound – Pat McGrath Labs

Everyone had their own technique using different products, but none managed to match the original look. Cleverly cultivating mystery around her makeup method, McGrath finally orchestrated the revelation of her technique during a TikTok live masterclass session. For example, the influencer James Charles initially attempted the technique, then recreated it by following the instructions according to McGrath’s revelation. In total, he shared three videos about the look, each surpassing 10 million views.

By cultivating mystery around her makeup technique, McGrath succeeded in turning her expertise into one of the most sought-after secrets on social media. This perfectly executed embargo strategy significantly strengthened the notoriety of the already undisputed beauty industry icon, while keeping the fashion show alive for several weeks after the event.

@patmcgrathreal SET YOUR ALARMS ⏰‼️🚨 Friday, February 2 at 3pm EST LIVE on TikTok, join me and #teampatmcgrath for a #MaisonMargiela Masterclass where we’ll be recreating the runway look ⏰‼️🚨 SEE YOU SOON xx Pat #makeupbypatmcgrath ♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite “Prelude” – Jianteng

The Beauty of No Taboos

According to the “Libération” newspaper, in France the sexual activity of couples between 18 and 24 years old is dropping in favor of spending time together in other ways or having time alone as a couple. By 2026 the sexual accessories market is expected to reach $27 billion, up from $19 billion in 2019, according to a study by the PwC consulting firm. This represents a different approach to understanding an individual’s sexuality, one that’s more personalized and attentive to each one’s needs.

On TikTok, intimacy has been destigmatized. In a search for authenticity and honesty, Gen Z is looking for information to construct their own sexual identity and build relationships with intimacy. Health professionals also favor this communication platform to spread messages on the prevention of infectious diseases such as #HIV (1.8 billion views) and different methods of #contraception (4.3 billion views).

@drkwanele There are things you can do to keep your genitals healthy. These tips can also lessen the symptoms of some infections and irritations.#youngdoctors #mzansitiktok🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 #womenhealthawareness #youngdoctors #vaginalhealt ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Making sexuality acceptable also involves the need to turn those intimate moments into episodes of wellbeing that are part of a holistic dimension of beauty.

Brands like Aime, Lemme and MiYé focus on the theme of #sexcare (230 million views) to promote treatments that improve sexual wellbeing through dietary supplements. Aime targets a female audience, giving them products with natural ingredients to support vaginal flora or stimulate libido. MiYé offers advice on dietary supplements adapted to each stage of a woman’s development, from puberty to menopause. In a more playful context, but without compromising on care and pleasure, Lemme destigmatizes the subject with supplements in the form of colorful gummies to enjoy like candy. Sexuality is becoming a sensory-rich adventure that’s important for each person to nurture.

@raylenechanel rating from least favorite to my CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT 😍💜 @lemme by @kourtneykardash *not sponsored* #lemmegummies #review #lemme ♬ Beat – beaty

Gen Z is the generation that has integrated sexuality into daily life in an uninhibited manner. They’ve freed it from taboos, and enjoy it both alone, in a quest for acceptance of and education about their bodies, as well as part of a desire for daily pleasure.

Plastic Surgeons, New Inspirational Figures in Beauty

In an era when plastic surgery is growing commonplace, esthetic medicine is becoming popular with an increasingly younger audience. With advice on achieving “fox eyes,” a slender nose and a defined jawline, TikTok showcases tips under hashtags like #nobotox (3.5 billion views) or #noneedle (13.5 million views), proof of a growing interest in alternative, easily accessible options to plastic surgery.

In the same dynamic, the #lookmaxxing phenomenon (160 million views) encourages maximizing beauty potential based on one’s own physical characteristics. This approach, shared on social media, encourages everyone to work on their appearance and even solicit advice and approval from others online.

New cosmetic products embrace this esthetic movement with products to use at home that promise results similar to those of esthetic medicine. The trend responds to a growing demand from consumers – especially Gen Zers – for professional solutions available to the general public. Now there are “surgeon brands,” which are more sophisticated versions of dermo-cosmetic brands (such as Avène and Cerave) and, more recently, “doctor brands” such as Dr. Augustinus Bader and Dr. Barbara Sturm. These new players (for example, Dr. Diamond’s Metacine and Dr. Few) feature specialized expertise and innovative formulas directly inspired by procedures in esthetic medicine and surgery. Skincare routines are also being enhanced by beauty-tech accessories for non-invasive facial reshaping.

This obsessive quest for self-improvement can sometimes lead to dangerous behavior. The latest trend on TikTok shows videos of men deliberately fracturing their noses in “hard-challenges” to achieve their ideal masculine look.

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