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Pinterest Moods, March 2023


Every month our creative teams add inspiring visuals to our Pinterest account. The images, which illustrate emerging trends, are organized into three categories:
– Fashion & Accessories
Interiors & Decor
– Beauty

These mood boards are based on our trendbooks. Our March inspiration comes from the “Mission” and “Anima” themes for spring-summer 2024.


Once they have extracted themselves from the turmoil of the world and found a retreat , it’s time to reconstruct something out of next to nothing.

Something raw and authentic that will highlight contrasts, such as the rudimentary and the sensitive, the artisanal and the precious, the frugal and the hedonistic, local and universal, structured and freeform. A pioneering spirit encourages invention, and therefore innovation, based on land and earth rather than any ultra-modern concept. Transported by their “mission”, their vocation, they create (whether as a single hermit or as a community) a natural survival aesthetic and use their good ancestral sense to break their ties with their epoch. But this takes time and perhaps even necessitates heading even further XÒ\c[%

Pinterest de NellyRodi

« ANIMA » :

All over the world, and particularly in those places where the sun beckons people into the street, simple solutions are being invented for a complex world.

Whether it’s improvising a collage to liven up street furniture or finding poetic uses for abandoned objects, inventing a new society based on an alternative economy is an adventure that provides joyous solidarity and self-expression for everyone! The public space is repossessed and injected with color, narration and real or pictorial nature. Manufactured products are replaced by spontaneous, naïve creations that are cheerfully exhibited for all to see, and festivities that unite and reconciliate in a colorful pageant of parade costumes, game-like rituals and vibrant rhythms are never very far..

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