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New Commerce

Number of pages : 124

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New Commerce

Retail is still undergoing a revolution. We urgently need to forget what we've learned about commerce, and re-compose customer experiences that are effective, desirable and unique.

Number of pages : 124


What will you learn?

Sommaire New Commerce

A unique analysis of developments in the retail sector, highlighting:

  • changing consumer expectations in a socio-economic context that is more uncertain than ever;
  • new winning online and offline distribution strategies and new retail frontiers (Metavers, NFTs, Live Commerce, Social Commerce…);
  • innovations in customer relations and new roles for sales teams;
  • new business models and associated KPIs;
  • the end of the traditional buying tunnel;


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It is time for solutions and new experiments. This study deciphers the major contemporary societal issues (environmental, geopolitical, economic and identity-related) to understand the paradigm shifts that will impact creation, information and consumption. NellyRodi provides numerous answers and insights to the questions that decision-makers and entrepreneurs, communicators and creatives are asking about the major inspirational values that will structure consumption in 2023 and beyond. Understand the times and the paradigm shifts that will impact creation, information and consumption. What are the MegaTrends that will initiate new consumer behaviors and inspire decision makers to better build operational strategies? What are the business opportunities arising from this new context in order to better anticipate market and sector evolutions?
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