Between hybridization, digitalization, and emotion, what are the sustainable, desirable creative territories for luxury industries tomorrow? 

This study presents a future-focused analysis of the new ecosystem for the luxury, hospitality, and travel industries as well as for fashion, beauty, and jewelry.

The report will help you understand and be prepared for the social changes, innovations, main consumption styles, and new esthetic manifestations that challenge these industries.

Which luxury style are you: heritage, precious, pop, sensitive, show off, or even high performance? If you don't know yet, don't worry, the study also outlines many other kinds of luxury to explore.


▪️ Give context, interpret, and analyze sector evolutions and consumers' new aspirations to help you better determine your place in the future → identify the key luxury markers to integrate in your strategic and creative thinking.

▪️ Thoroughly investigate the aspirational approaches and development opportunities for the future → examine the four different luxury consumption attitudes to test your objectives.

▪️ Provide an innovative outlook on the creative codes and territories for tomorrow's luxury sector → redefine the industry's esthetic expression using inspiration from a range of examples of initiatives, spaces, and innovative products.
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