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Nathalie Rozborski 08.27.21

All the solutions for a favourable, sustainable rebound for the fashion system


August 2021

The back-to-school season is here, all the fashion editions are on the newsstands and fashion has never had such bad press as in the past few months.

Though blamed for every problem, it’s the industry that has been suffering for several seasons. There’s the pandemic, the public’s interest in zero growth and dismantling existing systems and the sector’s reputation as a polluting industry. Fashion can’t save the world, but maybe it can inspire dreams and uplift the beaten spirits of the no-bra, makeup-free generation buried in layers of loungewear and hooked on Instagram filters.

At NellyRodi, we’ve chosen to never give up and to continue believing in fashion. Our profession has always been one that helps the creative industries to become even more creative by innovating and keeping an eye on the future.

Today we’re adding a responsible, sustainable dimension to this mission.

Instead of a radical, angry stance, we prefer to combine, complement and add contradictory elements to get back that liberating magic that happens when opposites meet: the irresistible fantasy and freedom to create without complexes or guilt.

Yes, pixelated fashion that’s inspiring and engaged is possible. There aren’t noble brands on one side and disillusioned retailers on the other, or feisty startups at odds with sleeping giants.

There’s just fashion, full stop.

Fashion that’s worn, dreamed about, inhaled, touched, clicked on, traded and rented. Fashion that adds colour to peoples’ lives and lets them constantly reinvent themselves to better express their personality, no matter what their gender, age or background.

Fashion is folly, imagination, fantasy, status, dreams and involvement – all at the same time.

In our Re-Think Fashion 2021.2022 study you’ll discover consumers’ latest cultural references and the new guidelines for success in a sector that’s being completely reconfigured and is searching for meaning and trying to define the Generation Alpha version of glamour.

The study also outlines the transformation of the fashion system’s economic models, the new CSR regulations and the impact of digitalization on consumer usage as well as the creative process and the key role of storytelling for collections.

Pop- and pixel-culture, rhythm and timing, CSR, digital technology and brand content are some of the compelling subjects the Study covers. Our experts cite examples and share facts and viewpoints to give you the forward-facing insight you need to make strategic and operational decisions. The study will inform your points of view and determine your professional road maps for the future.

Let’s believe in tomorrow and create the new fashion system together!



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Reconciling creation and responsibility

As a B Corp, NellyRodi is part of a global community of companies that adhere to high social and environmental standards.