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Portrait de Justine Vilgrain
Chloé Delecolle 03.09.22

Web 3: What are the new opportunities for artists?


Justine Vilgrain is the Co-founder of Braw Haus, a design studio specializing in digital art and experimental advertising. She also works as a Web 3 / NFT consultant. She answers questions from NellyRodi about the new artistic opportunities in Web 3.

What are the ways Web 3 brings artists new opportunities?

I work mostly with artists who are defined as digital (who use digital tools, computers, interfaces or networks). Before Web 3, these artists used their Instagram accounts to show their work, techniques and styles. Those accounts were essentially communication platforms that sometimes provided the artists with opportunities to be contacted or to collaborate with brands, but not to sell their work. Now Web 3 lets them sell their work and also protect it with traceability.

I also work with 3D fashion designers who, before Web 3, did projects for themselves to promote their work. Now they can put their work in the Metaverse and create wearables, meaning digital clothing for avatars.

In addition, the blockchain helps artists and especially musicians by protecting their copyrights and giving them back ownership of their work.

Who do you think are the artists to follow in the Metaverse?

We work with Jae Yeon Kim, who’s fun and slightly crazy! She’s inspired by the party scene and going out, and she invents totally wild, psychedelic characters. We’re now working on a big project with her to be released for a community in France.

I also love the work of Dirk Koy, who mixes real and digital worlds. He takes photos or videos, alters the perspective and modifies the digital content.

© Jae Yeon Kim
Visuel de Dirk Koy représentant un bateau vu de dessus, déformé par une animation 3D
© Dirk Koy

French artist Oelhan is also becoming very popular. He plays with 3D and 2D, mixing a palette of always very bright colors to create moving psychedelic forms and illusions. Danae Gosset takes the same approach of mixing 2D and 3D. She hand draws each frame in an animation and then reworks it in 3D.

And finally, I adore Inès Alpha! She’s a 3D makeup artist whose vision is one of total esthetic freedom for the way we look. She encourages a playful, creative approach to makeup and self-expression, and her universe is dreamlike and very fantastic.

Maquillage digital par Inès Alpha
©Inès Alpha
Visuel par Oelhan représentant un visage humanoïde, des fleurs sortant de ses yeux
© Oelhan

What do you think is the future of Web 3?

It’s all going so fast, there are so many breakthroughs every day … and I don’t think we can talk about the future when not even 1% of the population are trying it out.

I think we have to wait until the general public becomes involved! That will happen with Meta (formerly Facebook), which will open the door for more people to become interested, gain understanding and get access. Between now and then, we will have made a lot of progress, but that stage won’t happen for another two years.

You’re involved with the Certified Dyslexic campaign. Can Web 3 eventually be successful in defending core social values such as education or inclusivity?

To go back to your preceding question, I hope that, in the future, education will take its place in the Metaverse. I hope that instead of costing a fortune, as is the case in some countries, there will be schools accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.

Web 3 is a fantastic tool that lets people connect with others they would not necessarily meet in real life. We can make new friends, join with people from around the world who are like us and form communities. That’s very important if you’re part of a minority and even for children who are bullied at school.

As far as handicaps, if someone is diagnosed as dyslexic, for example, he can decide to use his wallet to indicate it in the blockchain. That’s a way to normalize handicaps and prevent discrimination!

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